0 Welcome to BioSain, the platform for the distribution of organic products

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rue Laid Burniat, 5
1348 Louvain-La-Neuve
E-mail: info@biosain.be
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Welcome to BioSain, the platform for the distribution of organic products

Healthy eating, it's BioSain eating

BioSain is the first platform for distribution of organic products, food and non-food items, mostly from local producers.

BioSain's philosophy is to promote organic products, healthy and sustainable, which greatly contribute to improve the collective quality of life, notably through a new environment-friendly production guarantee for feed, a product of high quality in term of taste and nutrition.

The platform BioSain, as an organic distributor, wants to promote the great treasures of small local producers and make them accessible to many.

The products BioSain are mainly distributed in communities (schools, kindergartens, health homes, canteens, hospitals, etc..) through a diversified tender and range. Organic products of BioSain also perfectly suited for restaurants, organic food shops, as well as caterers.

Innovative concepts such as packages of snacks and cocktails of soups have been specifically devised. Individuals can also contact BioSain with our special offers "group of purchasing" and "bio baskets" to companies or groups.

The BioSain's service aims to facilitate logistics that will allow products to be found directly in the hands of many. To do this, BioSain has an infrastructure set up specifically to meet the demand of its customers as soon as possible.

For maximum flexibility, BioSain also offers the ability to order online, by phone, mail or fax.

For questions or information, please contact us. The BioSain team will be happy to answer your questions.

BioSain, much more than an organic distributor.


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